WWW.AUDIOLOGY.ORG is the Academy's official website and a highly valued online resource for their members. Audiologists use the website to access information on coding and reimbursement, events, e-learning opportunities, employment, practice management tools, and much more. 

Banner advertising positions your message to qualified audience of audiologists and drives traffic to your website.

Bonus! Advertisers also appear on the Student Academy of Audiology website. 


Run of Site button or Internal page Skyscraper:

1-3 months: $900 per month
4-6 months: $800 per month
7+ months: $700 per month

  • Button appears on the homepage and all of the internal pages of the site. Limited to 12 companies per month

  • Internal skyscraper appears on all of the internal pages of the site. Limited to 3 companies per month

  • Ads rotate as pages refresh


  • Button: 180 x 150 pixels

  • Skyscraper: 250 x 500 pixels

File formats:

  • PNG, GIF and JPG formats accepted

  • Animated ads accepted, at a max of 200KB

Deadline: Button space must be secured by the 24th of the previous month. 

Please submit your creative to:

For questions on submitting artwork, contact:
Emily Shawen
307 International Circle, Suite 190, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Phone: 410-584-1948

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