Audiology Today Editorial Calendar


2020 Editorial Calendar

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January/February 2020
Pediatrics-Focused Issue
• Marion Downs Lecture in Pediatric Audiology–Preview article
• Bullying and Peer Victimization in Children with Hearing Loss
• Pediatric Assessment –Vestibular, Multidisciplinary Assessment, Cortical Measures, and Amplification
• Pediatric Treatment—Developing Listening in Young Children
• Educational Audiology—Formulating a Transition Plan—Child to Young Adult
• Business Feature: Coding for new professionals
• AT special: looking back on millennium predictions
11/6/19 11/13/19
March/April 2020
AAA 2020 Preview Issue
Most anticipated issue!
• Telehealth and Remote Management–local patients vs. remote/global
• The application of telehealth
• Genetics and Hearing Loss: An Update
• Assessments of hearing in animals
• Assessment and Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury/Auditory Processing
• Brain training with apps and other programs
• Neural signature of brain training
• Informed Decision Making
• Gene Therapy
• Hearing Health and General Health: Influence of Chronic Health Conditions on Hearing (Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes/Metabolic Health, Renal Health, Thyroid, Neurologic, etc)
• Aging
1/10/20 1/17/20
May/June 2020 • Central Auditory Processing
• Vestibular/Balance—Rehabilitation/Co-Management with Physical Therapy
• Tinnitus Evaluation and Management for a Private Practice
• Alternative treatments for tinnitus
• Middle and Late EP in Audiology Practice
• AAA 2020 Wrap-Up
• Business Feature: Using social media to understand patient needs
3/6/20 3/13/20
July/August 2020
Technology-Focused Issue
• OTC: Where Are We Now?
• Fitting Strategies for Common Hearing Aid User Complaints
• Amplification and Assistive Technologies—Connectivity
• Hearing-Related Applications
• Business Feature: Electronic Health Records Update and Medical Billing Reimbursement—Pediatric Audiology (include different sites: hospital, private practice, educational etc.)
• Managing Cochlear Implant Patients in a Private Practice—Fitting Non-Implant Ear, Basic Programming, Reimbursement, etc.
• Serving patients from multiple cultures speaking different languages
5/20/20 5/27/20
September/October 2020
Audiology Awareness Month
• Hearing Conservation/Preservation (October is National Audiology Awareness Month)
• Companion Pills to Prevent Ototoxicity (cisplatin as well as amino glycoside)
• Educational Audiology—Listening Effort in Children
• Classroom Acoustics and Their Effect on Learning
• Academic Education Clinical Supervision/Preceptor
• Business Feature: OTC, private practice management/marketing
7/15/20 7/22/20
November/December 2020
Yearly Wrap Up
• Diagnostic Tools and Tests
• Aural Rehabilitation–Aging, Cognition, Auditory Training
• Infection Control in the Clinic
• Electrophysiology (ABR, OAES, etc.)
• Hearing Health Economics
• Business Feature—Coding/Reimbursement/Compliance
• Global Issues in Audiology
9/9/20 9/16/20