Audiology Today On Trend


On Trend is an advertiser's way to contribute educational content to the award-winning magazine Audiology Today, and guarantee that it will be run in a specific issue. This is your company's chance to represent itself as an industry expert, one that is ahead of the curve.  

Pricing: $2,400 per article

Special loyalty advertiser rate: $2,100 per article

This is a great option for the types of content that is covered in sessions at AAA 2019. On Trend will feature information on what is new and trending in the field of audiology, including case studies, research, new technology, and more!

Each On Trend will have a standing space in the magazine, one that members will see as the hot spot to find what's new in the industry. Every issue of the magazine will feature two companies from different areas of the industry, offering expert information on a specific topic. This content will be reviewed by the Academy and all advertisers will receive a final proof to approve, and will have 3 days to request changes. If you are deciding on a topic, the Academy has lots of ideas of content that the members are looking for, or you can supply your own ideas!



Space Deadline: 10/31/18
Artwork Deadline: 11/7/18


Space Deadline: 1/3/19
Artwork Deadline: 1/11/19


Space Deadline: 2/27/19
Artwork Deadline: 3/11/19


Space Deadline: 5/6/19
Artwork Deadline: 5/16/19


Space Deadline: 7/5/19
Artwork Deadline: 7/15/19


Space Deadline: 8/28/19
Artwork Deadline: 9/6/19


  • Submit a 225 word (with photo) or 300 word (without photo) article in word doc format. CLICK HERE to view the On Trend content submission template.

  • An image may accompany a 225 word article. Images should be high-resolution, at least 300 dpi; image should be formatted as a JPEG or EPS file.

  • Your word count/limit includes parenthetical citations in the text and those full references at the end of the article.

Sponsored Content Guidelines and Criteria:

  • The topic should be appropriate for audiologists, relevant to the audiology field, and have a practical message.

  • Should be conversational, using third-person tense. Content should be authoritative and research based. Case studies welcome and references/citations encouraged.

  • The Academy retains the right to edit and approve content before publication.

  • Advertiser agrees that content should focus on information, findings, or case study in an objective way that both benefits and informs the audience.

  • The content presented should not solely focus on the direct promotion of a company, product, or service.

  • Content should have a general benefit to audiologists and related hearing health-care professionals.

  • The Academy reserves the right to refuse advertising.

  • Academy staff will edit the article to ensure the content fits within the magazine’s specifications/style and also proof for spelling/grammar errors.